Illustration of how i see Moodel


“Finding stillness amid confusion. ”, would probably be the best metaphor to describe my illustration. To be quite honest, it was a bit overwhelming being in contact with a new learning platform called moodel. It seemed quite hectic at first but, after two days and some hours trying to navigate it, I got a hang of it. I feel like I am standing in front of a mountain sight completely breath taken at times. But somehow, I manage to keep my calm. I feel prepared for the environment I am supposed to enter. The girl in the center represents me trying to ground myself while looking over this amazing scenery that is unfolding. There will be high mountains to climb, but I feel ready for the challenge. On the other hand, the character (me) is still not in the picture because it is just our beginning week. It will most likely take me some weeks to dive into it. The olive three branches represent the hope I still have that everything will be fine, and I will soon get a hang of my new life as a student. I am looking forward to the next week of studies.   Life feels very good at the moment! 🙂
Illustration of Moodel