The History of modern graphic design


Art Noueveau

The Twins by Will H. Bradly for Chap Book magazine (1895)
Art Nouveau.
Designer is using Serif family of typography.
The design feels very vell balanced.
This design is stil relevant today with the amount of flat design used comercialy, but not very modern.
I think that looking at designs with strong colors makes me not be as scared to using the same as I am now a days.
I could try being better at risk taking in the design and using more asymetrical line work.


Bauhaus poster by Herbert Bayer, 1968
Bauhaus is the type of the design used on this poster.
The designer is using a Universal typeface well known for this era.
This perticular design caught my eye because of it’s simplicity.
This style is still relevant today.
In my own work I will try to use more geomatrics and simple typography.

Art deco

Candee by Franco Barberis, 1929
Art deco.
It has display typeface.
I find this era to be very interesting, beautiful and very present at the moment. The design is simple yet sylized.
I would love to get my illustration skills on this level some time in the future 🙂

Swiss design

Geisser Plakat Mohrenball 1969
Swiss Design (The International Typography Style)
Sans serif (Helvetica)
I chose this design over others because of its simplicity.

Pop Art

Andy Warhol, 1964
Pop art
This design represents very well the pop art era and it’s grafic style.
This style is still relevant today but not very present.
I love the happines this style brings to the audience/viewer. I will try making some fun designs and using more vibrant colors in my designs.


Georgia and Vladimir Stenberg 1929
Postmodernism is the style the poster is made in.
Helvetica is the typeface used in this poster.
This design caught my eye because of warped perspectives and scales, showing movement by the spiralled text.
It seems very interesting how designers in that era embraced the complex layers of meaning and implemented them in such a clever ways.