Strategic design task 4


  • What makes Fra Gård unique? 

They are the only shop located in the city center that sells fresh produce from the
area, freshly baked goods, and local artists’ handiwork. 

  • What makes them different from their competitors? 

The fact that they are a family-owned business as well as everything mentioned in
the answer on the question above.  

  • Who are their main competitors? 

Røstad, Kiwi, Rema 1000 and Lofotenshop.  

  • How are you going to create a unique experience for the customer? 

They can try and stand out from the crowd by showing clearly what it is that they
stand for and showing their uniqueness.  

  • Is it their location?  
  • The fact that it’s a family business? 
  • The fact that it’s supported by locals? 
  • All these things? 

All these things.  

  • How can you make your unique differentiator easily understandable for your
    target market? 

By positioning the brand strategically and having a good understanding of who their
target market is.  

To (Locals and tourists that are interested in excellent quality, locally sourced food,
and goods), Fra Gård is (a high quality, environmentally friendly shop that invites us)
by (giving us that since of “supporting and being a part of the local community”
kind of feeling).