Strategic design task 3


1. Who are their current customers (according to the brief)? 
Their current customers are locals and tourists. 

2. Who do they want to be their customers in the future? 
They want to attract tourists worldwide, people from the city an young creative people.  

3. How do they want to connect with those specific people (current and potential customers)? 
They want to be able to connect online and use social media to attract tourists. 

4. Why would these people mentioned above specifically want to visit their shop and not that of a competitor? 
They are the only shop in Svolvær that has local produce, handiwork, and baked goods all in one place. 

My research:
In my research on the website of SSB and google I have found out that in Svolvær the biggest demographic is people between 20-65. There is tiny bit more woman than men. Most people work in the private sector meaning: sales, hotels and restaurants, finance, property sales, and various kinds of business services.  

On the other hand, approximately 200,000 tourists visit Svolvær each year. And according to the statistics I found that most tourist that come to Norway are from either Germany or Sweden.

Target market person nr1 named Ingrid. Or as I like to call her: “The local”.

Target market person nr2 named Muller. Or as I like to call him: “The Tourist”.