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About the project

Brodie’s Books, an online bookstore in Edinburgh run by Isla Stewart and Njabulo Dlova, is known for rare and luxury books. Recently acquiring a bar on the Royal Mile, they plan to create a bookshop-coffee bar hybrid. To revamp their brand, they need a new identity including a logo, color scheme, vehicle branding for a van and bicycle, coffee packaging for “Brodie’s Brew,” custom book gift packaging, and a brand style guide.

Design Process

In redesigning Brodie’s Books, I started by closely examining the brief and conducting detailed research on the target market. This included two key demographics: “The Avid Collector – Mark,” a well-educated, high-income man interested in rare, luxury items, and “The Urban Intellectual – Milla,” a younger, culturally engaged woman with a taste for unique experiences. This understanding of their distinct preferences and lifestyles was crucial in informing the design approach. The strategy aimed to blend luxury and rarity for collectors like Mark, with a modern, inviting atmosphere appealing to urban intellectuals like Milla, thus establishing Brodie’s Books as a unique literary and café destination in Edinburgh.


The mood board for Brodie’s Books is a crucial step in defining the brand’s visual identity, focusing on typography, color palette, pattern, texture, and supporting visuals. The color scheme includes black for sophistication and luxury, off-white and beige for warmth and approachability, and purple to add creativity and a touch of Scottish heritage. This palette aims to balance the elegance of rare books with the coziness of a coffee bar.

In typography, “Matcha Serif Regular” was chosen for the logo and primary headings, reflecting a mix of modern and vintage, resonating with the brand’s concept of rare books in a contemporary setting. “Baskerville URW” complements this for body text and secondary headings, offering clarity and a classic feel that aligns with the brand’s literary essence. This combination ensures the brand’s message is effectively communicated, maintaining consistency and appeal across all platforms.

Main Logo & Badge logo

Logo Design

During the logo design process for Brodie’s Books, I started with hand-sketched ideas, focusing on typography and layout to reflect the brand’s focus on rare, collectible books. Research into Edinburgh’s cultural and historical background, along with the literary legacy of Jean Brodie. The logo incorporates the thistle, symbolizing Scottish heritage, and the dragonfly, representing transformation, aligning with the bookstore’s theme of endless literary adventures.

Brand style guide

In developing Brodie’s Books’ brand style guide, the goal was to create a detailed and comprehensive manual that fully represents the brand’s identity. The process began with the logo, focusing on clear presentation and usage guidelines. This foundation extended to other visual elements such as typography, color scheme, layout, and tone of voice. To provide a complete brand picture, I included mock-ups for various applications, illustrating the brand in action.

A key part of the guide was a section on brand ‘don’ts,’ outlining potential misuses of the logo and other elements to ensure brand consistency and integrity. The guide was crafted using Adobe Illustrator for precision and flexibility, adhering strictly to the brand’s color palette and typographic choices. The writing style was designed to communicate directly and authoritatively with vendors and internal teams, mirroring Brodie’s Books’ voice. This comprehensive guide serves not just as an instructional tool, but also as an inspiration for maintaining the brand’s ethos and aesthetic.

Coffe packaging

In designing the coffee packaging for Brodie’s Books, the goal was to balance luxury with environmental responsibility, leading to the choice of a metal tin for its eco-friendly and distinctive qualities. The design integrates the brand colors for consistency, with a focus on clear information hierarchy and a special logo variation for “Brodie’s Brews.” The packaging features the dragonfly illustration and hints of purple, aligning with the brand palette. This meticulous approach ensures the packaging is not only functional but also a faithful representation of the brand’s ethos.

Vehicle branding

In conceptualizing the vehicle branding for Brodie’s Books, I focused on using our accent color to ensure the Citroën C3 stands out. The chosen palette of purple, black, and white was selected to exude class and align with the brand’s identity. I sought the perfect mockup online to visualize my ideas, aiming to position the brand information on the vehicle strategically, to capture the attention of passersby and make them appreciate the design.

Bicycle branding

After finalizing the van design, I applied a similar strategic approach to the bicycle branding, carefully placing the website, address, and logo. A touch of purple was added to align with Brodie’s Books’ brand identity, ensuring the bicycle’s design was aesthetically appealing and visually cohesive with the brand. The goal was to achieve a balance between functionality and a true representation of the brand’s ethos.

Custom gift packaging

In creating the custom book gift packaging, my focus was on making the unboxing experience a special and memorable event. The silk pull rod adds luxury, enhancing the tactile experience, while the book is wrapped in paper with a dragonfly print, reflecting the brand’s identity. The logo inside subtly maintains brand presence. The box’s minimalist exterior, with just essential information, is designed to spark curiosity and encourage a visit to the café/bookshop. The packaging aims to not only protect the book but also to tell the story of Brodie’s Books.

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