Fra Gård


Silje and Ole Kåre Jørgensen are grandmother and grandson team and co-owners of a farm shop called Fra Gård in Svolvær on the south coast of Austvågøy, Lofoten. 

The shop sells fresh produce from the area, freshly baked goods, and some local artists’ handiwork (candles, wood-carved souvenirs, ceramics, and pottery). It’s basically a food and gift shop showcasing the best the area has to offer. They are conveniently located in the central area of the town, and the shop is already very popular among locals and tourists. Silje and Ole Kåre want the designer to be creative.

They need the logo to work in various formats. The only thing they are NOT very keen on is a typical depiction of a “farmy” kind of icon. The logo is part of a bigger process to build a brand to attract young creative people to the area.



Design Process

The entire process started with doing an extensive research of their their target market as well as asking them some questions. After all the resurch and better understanding of who theit target market is made two target market personas. One is a local and the other one is a turist. (pictures 1 and 2)

Idea generation process

Picture 3: Mind map

Picture 4: My first scetches by hand

Picture 5: My illustrator board

Picture 6: Brand positioning statement

Mood board

The color pallet:
I chose an earthy coloured theme because it gives off a feeling of nature and friendlyness. It is as well contemporary, and inviting and that is what Fra Gård stands for.

I chose a sans serif font to make it feel casual, informal, friendly, and approachable. Just like the brand archetype that we gave to the brand-Girl/ Guy next door. Font I chose is Poppins Regular and Bold which is modern, fresh and crisp.

Brand Style Sheet

The Design

The logo is made by using a modern sans serif typeface- Poppins bold. I combined two capital letters F & G and added a shape in the middle of G to make it look like a ceramic bowl or a loaf of bread. 

F-represents grass, greenery, farm, freshness, and fresh produce. While G-represents the soil, ceramic bowl or a loaf of bread. The top part of the G is circular which represents the community. The G has been styled to have a bit bigger opening on the right side to show openness and that there is space for everyone. 

The logo looks clean, fresh, but has that classic feeling to it since it is made into a badge shape. It has warm neutral colors that bring a normal, everyday and natural look.
For the design process I’ve used Adobe Illustrator.