Strategic design 1 task1


Fra Gård 
1. Goals: 
– to modernize the shop 

– to have a unique logo which will help attract passing customers to their shop 

-logo to brand some of their products 

– identity for the shop is a growing need to create a presence for the shop online 

-use social media to attract tourists worldwide to visit their shop   

– they want the designer to be creative. They need the logo to work in various formats 

– he sees Fra Gård as a venue to host creative workshops to attract people from the city for a kind of sabbatical in the countryside 

2. How will we reach the goal? 

-Collect data, Research and Analyse data:  
-How many people live in that town, demographic, religion, income, and the regular customer they want to attract.  

Google, ask questions, check for information that is already online. Talk to the customers. Talk to my client about their regular customer.  

The list: 

  1. How would you describe your client? Who are they and what do they want? 

My client is grandma Silje and Ole Kåre her grandson that co-owns a farm shop (gift shop) called Fra Gård in Solvær on the south coast of Austvågøy, Lofoten. They are in the city center and they sell freshly baked goods and some local artists’ handwork.  
They want a new Logo so that they can use it both online for marketing purposes and as well to make a brand out of their business. They want it to attract people and to show what they do and who they are. 

  1. How are you going to help your client? 

I am going to design a logo-visual representation of their business, so that they can market their products and services both online and in the physical form so that they can make a brand out of their business.  

  1. What are your biggest challenges in achieving the client’s goal? 

The difference in the age of my clients and maybe the not understanding of the older generations of modern technologies. As well as not being too cliché with the design but rather innovative.  

  1. What does this company stand for? 

They stand for displaying the best this area has to offer of locally produced goods and crafts. They are trying to attract people to their business but as well attract young creative people to the area.  

  1. What does it stand against? 

The only thing they are NOT very keen on is a typical depiction of a “farmy” kind of icon. 

  1. Who are the competitors? (In some cases, the client will not name their competitors, and you need to do your own research regarding this.) 

Røstad, Kiwi, Rema 1000 and Lofotenshop. 

7. What makes this company distinctive/different from their competitors? 

They are the only shop that sells local produce, souvenirs, and handcrafts. All the other once are just one of those specific things. 

8. How will you measure success? 

Using analytics generated online on their website, and checking their revenue. Talking to them about whether their sails numbers went up since implementation of new design.