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About the project

This project involves the creation of a responsive restaurant webpage for N-EAT, a plant-based restaurant. The primary goal is to design a user-friendly online menu that reflects the restaurant’s innovative and fresh spirit. This includes meticulous wireframing to ensure a cohesive digital experience. The HTML structure is structured for clean and organized code, focusing on accessibility and SEO performance. The resulting website is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, capturing the essence of n-eat’s offerings and providing an engaging user experience.

Research & Moodboard

In selecting n-eat, a plant-based restaurant, I conducted research on vegan restaurant websites to understand the preferences of the target market. Earthy tones and nature-inspired elements were common, reflecting the plant-based theme. To stand out, I opted for a bold and unique approach, drawing inspiration from n-eat’s menu, particularly kimchi. This led to a fusion of Korean and Japanese aesthetics with a vibrant risograph style, featuring bold red, blue, and white colors. A mood board encapsulates these influences, promising a distinctive identity for n-eat in the competitive vegan market. This bold vision represents the restaurant’s commitment to offering a fresh and exciting experience.

Logo Design

I designed a unique logo for the brand by hand-drawing letters and experimenting with different layouts and typography styles. The final logo incorporated Baskerville URW for the icon and Din Pro for the landscape logo, conveying sophistication and professionalism while remaining approachable to the target audience. These versatile typefaces are suitable for various applications, including packaging, posters, and social media graphics.

Brand style sheet

In this phase, I created a vibrant stylesheet for the website, enhancing textual elements with a dynamic font pairing of Bauhaus 93 and Futura for a blend of artistic flair and modern simplicity. The chosen color palette features lively yet elegant shades of red, blue, white, and beige, capturing n-eat’s fresh and innovative spirit. These colors, with their RGB and hex values documented, are primed for seamless integration into the CSS.

Wireframing & Planing

During this phase, I revisited n-eat’s menu, allowing its vibrant offerings to shape my digital blueprint. I meticulously crafted wireframes for different devices, with each line and container echoing n-eat’s bold ethos. This process was about weaving a narrative through semantic harmony, where every named element contributes to our brand’s vibrant and innovative story, setting the stage for a unique and immersive digital experience.


I developed a colorful prototype using Figma, illustrating the placement of images and graphics, and offering a glimpse into the vibrant and user-friendly website i envision. This step is a blend of creativity and technical foresight, setting the stage for a visually appealing and harmonious website.

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Website design