Grumpy Guerila


“Design a four-page interactive website for GrumpyGuerilla, a vibrant sock company. Showcase their products, create brand awareness, and engage the target audience of active professionals and trendy adventurers aged 25-36.

The website should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and include Home, Socks, About Us, and Contact pages. Highlight the brand on the Home page, feature latest/popular products on the Socks page, provide company info on the About Us page, and display contact details and a form on the Contact page.”

Design Process

I started the design process by thoroughly reviewing the brief and creating a comprehensive checklist of all the requirements and considerations. Following that, I conducted extensive research on competitors in the industry. From my analysis, I found that while they excel in clear navigation and effective use of imagery, they could improve by providing more detailed product information and placing greater emphasis on prominent call-to-action buttons. Additionally, I dedicated time to developing target market personas and defining the brand archetype.

Picture 1: Research

Picture 2: Target market persona 1

Picture 3: Target market persona 2

Picture 4-7: Low Fidelity wireframe

Mood board

I carefully selected a style that would resonate with the target audience, ensuring that it harmonizes with the colors specified in the brand style sheet. This approach aimed to capture their attention through visually appealing images.

Brand style sheet

This brand style sheet was provided to us as a guide to create the design.

The Design

Throughout the process, I focused on UI and UX principles, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience for Grumpy Guerilla’s website. Key considerations included usability, accessibility, information architecture, and wireframing. I organized the content logically and intuitively, using clear and consistent labels for pages and sections.

After gathering feedback, I iterated on the design to meet the brief requirements and target audience needs. The final design maintained consistency in layout, design, and functionality, aiming for a user-friendly mental model.