Screen based design 1 task-3


Syam Kraw (Thai Kitchen)

  • What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website? Consider their income, interests, gender, and age.Middle class couples, aged between 30-50, interests are sports, and their income is average for Thailand 1000 dollars a month.
  • Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them? What can we learn from their websites?I have no competitors since our restaurant is on a small island with no other restaurants.
  • What is your deadline for completing the site? How big is the budget? Talk about realistic expectations and options.The budget is small since the company is at the starting phase. We cannot pay more than 2000 dollars for the website. The deadline is in 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months). 


  • What actions do you want visitors to take on the site? Think about the functionality you want on the website.We want a simple one-page website with a link to various parts of the website on the menu. We want to show who we are, what our vision and mission is, contact information and a booking form.
  • What features should be used on your website? This includes contact forms, pictures, videos, etc. Some clients may know exactly what features they would like, while others might have no clue. Guide them by asking questions and showing them examples of other websites.We need a couple of images of the restaurant, one carousel, pictures of people that work here and the atmosphere. We need contact information and a booking system.
  • List the names of three websites you like and explain what you like about them. Next, ask the client for their thoughts; ask them to point out their likes, dislikes, and expectations on the website examples. This step can save you valuable time and money. of them are clean and simple with beautiful photography. The last one is the kind of website we would love to have- everything on one page.
  • Do you have a brand manual or brand guidelines? Make sure to obtain any vector or high-resolution logos, stock photographs and brand elements available.Yes we have everything except for the photos.
  • Do you have any color preferences? What should the look and feel of the website be? Since color is subjective, a client may not have the same color preferences as you do. It is a clever idea to put together color palette options and present them to the client at the start of the process. This will guide them visually and help you understand their preferences.We already have the brand style guide premade with all of the colors and typography.
  • What do you NOT want on your site in terms of text, content, and graphic elements? Sometimes it is as important to know what your client doesn’t like as it is to understand what they like. This can help you get a complete picture of what the client has in mind for the site.We do not want any shiny design or too much text. 
  • Who will be the contact person for this project? Ask the client for one contact person to deal with if you have questions or need feedback.It will be the boss, Jay. 
  • Who will be responsible for maintaining the website? Will the person have the time and skills to do so? Discuss training of responsible individuals within the client’s company or draw up agreements if you or your team will provide maintenance as part of an ongoing service.Our daily manager Tery. 



    The website brief for web designers  for Syam Kraw (Thai Kitchen) is as follows:


  • The target audience for the website is middle class couples, aged between 30-50, with interests in sports and an average income of $1000 per month in Thailand. 
  • There are no competitors for the restaurant since it is located on a small island with no other restaurants. 
  • The deadline for completing the website is 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months), and the budget for the project is $2000. 
  • The desired functionality of the website includes a simple one-page design with links to various parts of the website on the menu, information about the restaurant, its vision and mission, contact information, and a booking form. 
  • The website should include images of the restaurant, a carousel, images of the staff and atmosphere, and a contact form and booking system. 
  • The desired look and feel of the website should be clean and simple, with beautiful photography. The website should be easy to navigate and have all necessary information on one page. 
  • The website should include the brand’s pre-made color palette and typography and should not include any shiny design or excessive text. 
  • The contact person for the project will be Jay, and the daily manager, Tery, will be responsible for maintaining the website. 
  • Any necessary training for website maintenance should be provided to Tery as part of the project.