Photography, task 2


  1. During the journey around the camera’s buttons and settings, did you come across something that works differently or that we did not cover? Dive into the user manual or do research online and publish your findings on your blog. (1 hour) 
    It was remarkably interesting watching a youtube tutorial on how to use my camera and get a better understanding of what each thing means and where to find each function. I feel that on the course we do not really get that first part of understanding the basics of photography. Since I am completely new to it, it really helped me to understand each function on the camera so I can better understand how to use it and play with it. 
  2. Experiment with the “Scene” modes of your camera. Take a portrait using landscape mode, a landscape using the close-up (macro) mode, and a low-light landscape after sunset using Auto (the “Green” mode). Make comments on how the photos turned out. Did they look the way you wanted them to? Did you try to change the settings, and was that possible? Post these photos and your comments on your blog. (2 hours) 

I took an hour long walk outside and played a bit with settings. Now I feel like I am starting to understand ISO, shutter speed goes scenes. Not all the pictures are presentable but I am slowly getting there. I was using the light meter option in the camera to play with the settings and it really helped me find the perfect setup for photos.  

  • Compile a wishlist of equipment that you would like to get for your photography. Research prices and availability (shipping). Are the items original, e.g., Canon, or are you happy with a generic alternative? If so, please comment on this. You need to justify your desired items as if they need to be approved as part of a business plan (what/where/what for/how much/when). (2 hours) 
    I would love to buy a new camera-Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Digital Camera but it is a bit of an investment so I will probably have to wait untill the next year to buy it. I feel like I first need to get better at taking photoes and see how usefull it is in my work life to be abel to justify the price. And when I am at buying new camera I feel like it si smart to invest in some better lenses from Nikon. In addition to that I saw a couple of days ago a camera bag from Peak design-everyday backpack 20l that would be awesome to invest in so I will maby even buy it now on blkack friday if I find a good offer. I feel like I need a bigger battery pack as well and should probably invest in some memory cards.
  • Photograph outside during daylight (preferably sunrise or sunset, but depending on the weather), and photograph the same scene using at least three different white-balance settings. Note that you need to be in the “P” exposure mode for this. Now find an indoor scene, and do the same. Take note of what the primary or dominant light source is. 
    For all the photos, note how each setting affects the overall color cast of your images in different lighting environments and write down your findings. (1 hour) 

The first image was shot with a White balance set on daylight and only sunlight. It was shot with ISO100, f/13, 1/400s. 
The second one was shot with a White balance set on Cloudy and only sunlight. It was shot with ISO100, f/11, 1/400s. 

The last one was shot with a White balance set on Flash and only sunlight. It was shot with ISO100, f/14, 1/500s. 

Here I took the picture of my eyeglasses. There is only natural daylight coming from the back on all photos and a bit of light coming from inside of the house.  
In the first photo my setting where ISO400, f/7.1, 1/60s and WB setting on daylight.  

Second one ISO400, f/7.1, 1/80 and BW setting on shade. 

Third one was set on ISO400, f/8.0, 1/80 and the BW setting was on Cloudy.