Photography 4


Photoshoot planing & Reserch
Cretive Direction
Campaign Photoshoot
Photo editing
Layout design

About the project

The task was to create a high-quality advertisement featuring original photography of a model against a landscape background. The layout should be simple to emphasize the photograph.

Problem Statement:

Parents of young children face the challenge of finding durable, stylish clothing that can keep up with their active, adventurous lifestyles. There is a significant gap in the market for children’s apparel that not only meets the practical demands of an adventurous family but also resonates with their aesthetic values and environmental consciousness. This campaign aims to address these needs by introducing a line of children’s clothing that is both functional and fashionable, enabling kids to explore their world freely while also appealing to style-conscious parents.


Is to engage adventure-seeking families by offering a line of children’s clothing that combines style, durability, and environmental consciousness. I aim to leverage compelling visual storytelling in the marketing with showcasing the dynamic and playful nature of the products in action. The campaign will primarily target style-conscious parents, using high-quality, inspirational imagery that highlights the unique attributes of the clothing. By aligning the products with the values and lifestyles of the target demographic, my aim is to position the brand as the top choice for families who prioritize quality, style, and outdoor adventure.

Campain Name

The “Liberté” campaign name was chosen to reflect the freedom and adventurous spirit that the brand promotes for children. It aligns perfectly with commitment to providing stylish, durable, and eco-friendly clothing that enables kids to explore and enjoy the outdoors freely. This name resonates with target audience, emphasizing brand’s dedication to quality and the spirited lifestyle they value.

Campaign Planing & Execution

The “Liberté” campaign was designed to capture the genuine, spontaneous essence of childhood using minimal equipment and natural light, set against the backdrop of Ringshaug beach. Handling young children under unpredictable conditions presented challenges, from shifting moods to changing weather. Despite these obstacles, a spontaneous moment of play led to unexpectedly striking images. These photographs, enhanced in post-production, perfectly captured the authentic joy and adventurous spirit I aimed to showcase, becoming the highlight of the campaign.

Final design

This key photograph from the “Liberté” campaign vividly captures the essence of youthful energy and freedom, showcasing a girl in motion. The image was strategically composed with a slight skew to emphasize liveliness and spontaneity, aligning with our audience’s appreciation for dynamic and engaging visuals.

Set against a backdrop that balances the rugged texture of the beach with the expansive sky, the photograph uses the rule of thirds to position the model dynamically. This design choice enhances the sense of movement and connects deeply with viewers, encapsulating the vibrant spirit of adventure that the campaign aims to convey.