Echoes of Norway:
Gin Stories


Product photography
Creative Direction

Product Styling
Photography editing

About the project

This photography project showcases a premium gin brand, targeting sophisticated, eco-conscious consumers. Set in the Norwegian wilderness, the campaign features a moody, nature-inspired backdrop, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and luxury. The images, adaptable across multiple media formats, aim to resonate with an audience valuing adventure, quality, and environmental awareness.

Strategic planning & Research

In the strategic planning and research phase of this project, I conducted an in-depth analysis of the gin brand’s digital presence, focusing on its acclaimed international reputation and Norwegian heritage. This insight led to a campaign concept that intertwines the majestic Norwegian landscape with the brand’s narrative, targeting two key demographics: the sophisticated, adventure-seeking male, and the culturally and environmentally conscious female. Both segments value authenticity, premium quality, and sustainability, aligning perfectly with the brand’s ethos and product appeal.

Mood board

For the mood board of this gin brand campaign, visuals are centered around the serene yet rugged beauty of the Norwegian landscape, reflecting a sense of adventure and sophistication. The palette is dominated by moody, dark tones, punctuated by the striking blue of the gin bottle, symbolizing both the product’s uniqueness and its connection to nature. Images of lush, verdant moss and rocky terrains are juxtaposed with the sleek, recycled material of the bottle, embodying the fusion of luxury and sustainability.


For the gin bottle photoshoot, I faced a significant challenge in removing the back label, ultimately using a graffiti remover spray. The photoshoot was conducted in a home studio and in the forest, using a Canon 90D camera and Godox equipment. Post-production involved minimal editing in Lightroom, focusing on capturing realistic and natural images.

Main Logo & Badge logo

1) Image A4

For the shot, I used a V1 speedlight at 45 degrees to the left of the bottle, set to 1/8 power, and a reflector on the right to balance shadows and light, highlighting the bottle’s features while maintaining a moody atmosphere. Natural, overcast light softened the scene. Camera settings included a 62mm focal length, ISO 1600, f/2.8 aperture, and 1/1250 exposure, ensuring sharp focus and detail on the bottle.

2. Instagram

For the Instagram photo (1080x1080px), I used the same setup with the speedlight and reflector, increasing the flash strength to 1/4 to enhance bottle illumination. The lens was set to 49mm for detailed, undistorted imagery. The camera settings included ISO 1600 for light sensitivity, a fast shutter speed of 1/1000 to capture movement sharply, and an aperture of f/2.8, creating a shallow depth of field. This combination highlighted the bottle’s form and color, distinguishing it against a softly blurred background.

3. Web

For the web image (1920x1080px), the lighting setup remained consistent, with the speedlight and reflector positioned similarly to previous shots and the flash set to 1/4 strength. The lens was adjusted to 57mm for clear and detailed capture of the bottle. Camera settings included ISO 1600 for higher light sensitivity, a fast shutter speed of 1/100 second to avoid blur, and an aperture of f/11, ensuring a deep depth of field for sharp focus on the bottle while maintaining a blurred background to highlight the product. These settings balanced ambient light with the flash for a well-lit, detailed image.

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