"The Skin I Am In"


The assignment is to create conceptual character photography with the title “The Skin I Am In”
One close-up portrait and one zoomed-out photograph are required, either of the same theme or two different concepts.

A studio lighting setup is preferred, but it can be simulated with available lights. The creativity should come from the concept and photography and not too heavily on editing.

An artist statement and sketches of the lighting setups should be included in the report along with the unedited images.

Home studio setup

The Process

To create a character photography representing “The Skin I Am In,” I delved into my own emotions and identity. As a young mother of two, I aimed to capture the various facets of my being. One picture embodies femininity, lightness, and empowerment, while the other reveals a bolder, resilient side that proudly bears scars. These emotions reflect my current journey. Thorough research and inspiration guided my creative direction. I meticulously planned the photo shoot, focusing on lighting, composition, and overall aesthetic. I strived to convey my unique perspective and intended messages through my photography.

Pose inspiration board

Mood boards

I made two different mood boards for the two different photo seassions and a pose inspiration board. That helped me to stay in track and have a good execution of the photoshoot.

The bold photography

I challenging myself with the inverse square law to create a dramatic close-up with unique lighting. Despite limited gear, I used my camera, stand, remote, reflector, and a speedlight with a soft cover. Improvising with a nearby dresser as a tripod, I positioned the camera at its highest setting. Kneeling and facing away from the light, I achieved soft illumination and contrasting shadows on my skin. Carefully adjusting the speedlight’s settings, including manual power, ISO 100, 1/200 shutter speed, and f/5.6 aperture, I obtained the desired exposure. These technical decisions highlight my knowledge of the inverse square law and creative problem-solving in challenging conditions, resulting in a visually impactful image.

The artist statement

“The black and white photograph adds a feminine twist, showcasing empowerment and confidence. By controlling light with the inverse square law, I emphasized the subject’s posture and expression. The absence of color and dramatic lighting creates a timeless, classic look, highlighting the subject’s features. This image celebrates the power of femininity, inspiring others to embrace their own strength and confidence. It is a reminder of the resilience and determination within us all, encouraging empowerment and positive change.”

The feminin power

Using a heavy-duty light stand at a 45-degree angle, I achieved Rembrandt lighting. Softening the light with a softbox added a feminine touch. Adjusting my speedlight’s settings to manual power, I selected ISO 200, 1/200 shutter speed, and f/11 aperture for optimal exposure. These technical decisions aimed to evoke the desired mood and atmosphere in the image. After the shoot, I meticulously edited the image in Lightroom, focusing on enhancing small details that detracted from the subject and the intended message. The goal was to retain the natural essence of the picture while adding a touch of airiness and femininity.

The Artist statement

The photo of a girl holding white flowers represents the delicate balance between femininity and strength. Against a pure white background, the subject’s elegant pose takes center stage. Soft Rembrandt lighting enhances the ethereal atmosphere, creating a serene environment for reflection. With a confident posture and gentle expression, the subject embodies the power of the human spirit. The delicate white flowers she holds provide a contrast, adding grace and softness to her strength, further accentuating her beauty and femininity.