Photography 1 M1 task1


Part 1 

  • Was the process efficient? 
    Not very efficient, 15 minutes exposure time and a very lengthy process of developing the photo. 
  • Was it safe? 
    Not necessarily safe, because of iodide vapors, chemical treatments, mercury vapors and chloride. 
  • What about the quality? 
    The quality was quite good. 
  • What caused it to stop being used? 
    Negative positive process making it easier to reproduce the negatives. 

Part 2 
In a paragraph or two, debate why film may or may not be a photography medium that is making a comeback, especially in a more commercial (business) sense relevant to your field of study. 

The film’s look is unique in that it is imperfect – an aesthetic that is unmatched. The lack of instant gratification, waiting for the film’s results and the mystery of not knowing what the result will be. The trend is to capture folks as their true selves.
I think that it is all remarkably interesting for some brands. Just like Pierre Robert used realistic pictures in their campaigns and had an enormous success, I am quite sure it can be in a way interessting using it for other companies. At the same time, I am unsure of how long this trend may last since it is quite a costly one given the popularity it has seen in the last years.
Part 3 

Find at least three large format (film or wet plate) photographs online and tell us why you like them.  

He used film 4×5 in making these images. I loved the look of these images because they look so soft, a bit old-fashioned and blurry. It looks very romantic and brings me back to sometime beyond our modern hyper digitally focused day-to-day life.  

Chamonix 4×5;  Speed Graphic press camera , main lens is a 178mm f/2.5 Aero Ektar@; No movements;