Module assignment 02


Idea generation was the first part of the module assignment for this week. I chose to use Mind map and Morphological analysis for generating new ideas about the book cover.

Then I sketch a few ideas and shared only top three of them on the Discussion Forum on Moodle.

  1. The first design is ment to show a misterious man made into a cliping mask. In there you can see clocks forming number seven and a light sheding thrue it down on the authors name. There is a puddle of blood on the floor dripping from one of the clocks in the number 7.
  2. Second design is ment to show a clock also made into a mask with a digit 7 to the right. The clcok pointer ponts to the time with some blood dripping from it down on the number.
  3. Number seven is made into a clipping mask showning glimps of a town in it.

I posted my work on the forum and this is the feedback I got: