Lesson task 2.1 Strategic design


1. Write your findings down and which brand archetype you are going to assign to Fra Gård. 

Girl/Guy Next Door Brand Archetype
“To be accepting and encourage community. To make others feel included and welcome. To belong.” 
The Girl/Guy Next Door Archetype (also called the “Everyman”) is everyone’s BFF. Your brand is focused on building a community. You believe in hard work and being humble. You tend to resist authority figures and “royalty” because you understand that we all have faults and we’re all human. No guy (or gal) is better than the next. Your brand helps us come together, find common ground, and relate with each other 

Cooperation; Realistic; Fast; Friends; Community; Humble; Together; Supper; Club; Nuts and bolts; Union; Hard-working Club; BFFs; Straight-talking; habit. 
2. Which additional attributes, beyond the archetype, will you give to Fra Gård? 

Creativity since there are many creative people involved in Fra Gård; 
Caregiver- taking care of the planet, eating local supporting the community. 
3. Also look at other brands like Fra Gård and make notes on what works and what does not work. It doesn’t have to be brands associated with farm shops. It can be anything that inspires you in a relevant direction. 

NIVEA-Trying to be inclusive, environmentally sustainable, for everyman.