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About the project

This project involved designing a print edition for Magnetic Magazine, tailored for global event distribution. Focused on aligning with the magazine’s dedication to music, culture, and sustainability, the design featured a custom cover, cohesive layout, and visually enriched content selected from the magazine’s online offerings. Key elements included a flexible grid layout design, typography and color schemes that reflect the brand’s identity. The final product, was designed to entice readers to further explore the magazine online, showcasing a blend of professional aesthetics and practical reader engagement.

Design Process

The design process for the Magnetic Magazine print edition was strategically focused, beginning with a deep dive into the magazine’s ethos and target audience to ensure every design decision resonated with its core values of music, culture, and sustainability. This strategic planning was crucial, guiding the selection of content, the design of the custom cover, and the detailed layout. By integrating real photography and avoiding AI-generated images, the design maintained authenticity and connected with a tech-savvy, eco-conscious audience. Each element, from the color palette to the typography, was chosen to enhance reader engagement and ensure a seamless transition between the magazine’s digital and print forms, illustrating a meticulously planned approach to appeal to the magazine’s diverse readership.

Mood board

The moodboard for the Magnetic Magazine print edition was made to embody the magazine’s focus on music, culture, and sustainability. It featured a mix of vibrant and earthy tones, blending images of urban and natural landscapes to reflect the dynamic interplay between modernity and environmental consciousness.

Visuals of music events were juxtaposed with elements of nature and sustainability, crafting a visual narrative that resonates with the magazine’s eco-aware, culturally engaged readership. This collage of inspiration not only guided the aesthetic direction of the project but also helped align the design choices with the magazine’s mission and audience expectations, ensuring every page communicated the essence of the brand.

Front Page Design

The front page design of Magnetic Magazine’s print edition features a falcon, intentionally selected for its deep resonance with the eco-conscious themes central to the magazine’s ethos and its target audience.

The falcon, a symbol of keen vision and freedom, powerfully connects to the eco-aware readership that values both the natural world and cultural vibrancy. This design choice highlights the impact of music festivals on natural habitats, particularly birds like the falcon, whose environments are often disrupted by large-scale events. By merging images of falcons with festival scenes using double exposure photography, the design visually narrates the delicate balance between cultural celebration and environmental responsibility.

This compelling representation aims to inspire readers to consider sustainable practices within the music industry and beyond, reflecting their commitment to eco-conscious living while engaging with cultural content.

Front Page

Flexible Baseline Grid

For the Magnetic Magazine print edition, I developed a flexible baseline grid that serves as the foundational layout structure, ensuring consistency and visual harmony across all pages. This grid system adapts smoothly to different types of content, from full-length articles to visual spreads, allowing for a dynamic yet cohesive presentation.

By facilitating an intuitive flow of information and maintaining alignment, the baseline grid enhances readability and aesthetic appeal, effectively supporting the magazine’s diverse and engaging content. This flexibility is crucial in accommodating the magazine’s varied visual and textual elements, making the design both functional and visually engaging.

Final Magazine

The final section of Magnetic Magazine wraps up with a selection of insightful articles focused on music, culture, and sustainability. Enhanced with vivid visuals and presented on a consistent layout grid, this segment offers a deep dive into emerging trends and sustainable practices in the industry. Designed for cohesion and reader engagement, it invites further exploration online, effectively echoing the magazine’s core themes.

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