Fairly Sweet


“For a course assignment, I’m tasked with developing a brand, packaging, poster, and social media posts for a candy-coated chocolate confectionery product targeting Gen Z in Europe. The design should strike a balance between being fun and friendly while appealing to teens, emphasizing its similarities to Smarties and ethical sourcing.

Deliverables include a product name, letter-only logo, visual style guide, packaging design, A2 poster, and 2 social media posts.”

Design Process

I began the design process by thoroughly analyzing the brief and conducting extensive research on the target market. This enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of the audience, their needs, challenges, and interests, which greatly informed my design thinking stage.
After researching Gen Z, I discovered their strong environmental consciousness and preference for transparent businesses, leading me to prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing in my product design. To resonate with this audience, I chose the name “Fairly Sweet,” which combines fair trade values with a healthier, less sugary chocolate option, aligning with Gen Z’s values.

Picture 1: Target market persona 1

Picture 2: Target market persona 2

Mood board

Colour: I chose emerald, yellow, and bloody orange for this brand because they evoke a sense of energy, playfulness, and natural beauty, which align with the products target audience and ethical values. Additionaly, those colors contrast well together, making the brand stand out in a crowded market. 

Typography: I chose Din Pro and Baskerville URW for this project because they embody the values of fair trade and sustainability. The clean lines and classic design of these typefacis can evoke a sense of timelessness, which aligns with fairtrade principls of valuing long-term relationship with producers and creating products with lasting impact. 

Brand style sheet

I created a visual style guide for the brand using DIN Pro and Baskerville URW fonts, which convey modernity and elegance respectively, reflecting the brand’s values. The color palette includes orange, emerald green, blood orange, and a skin color representing brown recycled paper, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and fairness.

Logo Design

I designed a unique logo for the brand by hand-drawing letters and experimenting with different layouts and typography styles. The final logo incorporated Baskerville URW for the icon and Din Pro for the landscape logo, conveying sophistication and professionalism while remaining approachable to the target audience. These versatile typefaces are suitable for various applications, including packaging, posters, and social media graphics.

Logo for Fairly Sweet

Logo design process

Retail Display board

I noticed that competitors in the store used plastic or paper packaging, so I decided to make our product stand out by using reusable glass bottles, adding sustainability and uniqueness to the packaging. The bold branding and prominent placement of elements on the retail display board helped our product to stand out even more and informed my own packaging design decisions. Using reusable glass bottles aligns with our commitment to sustainability and fairtrade, giving our brand an advantage over plastic and paper packaging.

Label design

When designing the bottle labels, I considered the bottle’s size and shape, sketching initial ideas in my notebook and then creating the designs in Adobe Illustrator.It took me around 12 print attempts to achieve the final design, during which I realized that the original color palette was outdated and didn’t appeal to Gen Z. So, I switched to a more vibrant and modern color scheme.

To give the consumer an idea of what’s inside the bottle, I created a circular window on the label, leaving a slit for visibility. This way, the consumer can almost taste the product before even buying it.

Label design

Design process

Infographic Design

I designed the infographic poster by creating illustrations and experimenting with various layouts, ultimately using a custom grid for precision. To enhance visual appeal and reduce text, I segmented information and incorporated arrows as guides. Attention was given to heading hierarchy and text size. Inspired by recycled paper, I added background texture. The design process involved experimentation and refinement for a satisfying final result.

SoMe Posts Design

When creating the social media posts, I aimed to showcase the brand’s values and concepts in a visually appealing way.

For the first post, I decided to create a seamless carousel of the infographic design, allowing viewers to easily swipe through the information and engage with the content. 

For the second post, I wanted to convey the brand’s message of sustainability and appeal to the target market by emphasizing the importance of reusing, reducing, recycling, respecting, and refusing. By using eye-catching visuals and concise messaging, I hope to engage the audience and promote the brand’s mission.


I conducted a photo session with the final product to capture its visual appeal and showcase its unique features. The session involved setting up a studio with appropriate lighting and props to enhance the product’s aesthetic. I carefully arranged the packaging and incorporated elements that complemented the brand’s identity. Through creative angles and composition, I aimed to highlight the product’s quality, sustainability, and appeal to the target audience. The resulting photographs effectively captured the essence of the brand and can be used for promotional materials and online marketing campaigns.

Behind the scenes

I have created a series of videos documenting the process of designing the Fairly Sweet brand. Click on the pictures to access them. 😊

Tiktok videos