Healthy food for growing kids


The publisher is commissioning me to create a recipe booklet called “Healthy Food for Growing Kids” aimed at parents and young children. The booklet will feature creative and visually appealing recipes. The format will be A5 (210 x 148mm) and can be portrait or landscape.
The number of pages is flexible, as long as it is divisible by four. The visual concept is open to creativity, with the option to use illustrations, stock photography, or even original photos.



Design Process

I have spent most of my time illustrating all of the recipie pages in the book. (2 weeks) I designed the front cover first and then I started the layout design of the booklet first on paper and afterwards in InDesign. 

Picture 1: Tumbnail sketches of the layout

Picture 2: My illustrator board 

Picture 3: Illustration for chicken recipie

Picture 4: Illustration of the cheezecake recipie

Picture 5: Illustration of the lemon

Picture 6: Baseline grid in InDesign

Mood board

I chose a vibrant yellow and orange coloured theme because it gives off a feeling of fun, play, happiness and friendlyness. It is as well inviting and warm making you want to interract with the book more. And have it as a nice display itam.
For typeface I chose to use a sans serif font to make it feel casual, informal, friendly, and approachable. Font I chose for text body is Poppins Regular and which is modern, fresh and crisp and fot the headings and sub-headings i chose Pedestria MVB.

The Book Design

For the design process I’ve used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
and InDesign.

The Design

The idea behind the book is that all of the paper cut-out illustrations would in the real world actually be cut out and embossed and debossed on some places. It would give the book a fun touch and seanse aspeact and make the reader want to engage with it on a higher level.


The booklet was mad with the modern sans serif typeface- Poppins. I combined it with the Pedestria MVB so that it gives off a bit more childish feeling.

I decided to use orange, yellows and greens. They give this vibrant, fun and playfull feeling. And yellow in general is just a coloure of happiness so I am sure it brings the smile to anyones face.