The Seven Dials Mystery


For this course assignment, I needed to re-design a book cover for Agatha Christie’s The Seven Dials Mystery.
The requrements where to create a simple, conceptual design with the minimum number of colours as well as use of Gestalt principles. The number “7” was supposed to be the focal point.

The basic concept I need to convey in my design is that it’s a murder mystery.  The title and the author’s name had to appear on the cover and it was recommended to use Photoshop for this design.

Design Process

The entire process started with our Module Assignment 1 where I needed to create a visual interpretation of the number 7 using any three  Gestalt principles applied. These images had to be created by hand – not digitally.

On the 1. picture to the left:
You can clearly see the law of proximity since the dots are so close by. There is also similarity since they all appear to look the same. The “seven” is incomplete but our mind perceives it as complete. Which means the law of closure is applied here.

Idea generation process

Picture 1: Gestalt principle

Picture 2: Morphological Analysis

Picture 3: Mind Map

Picture 4: The first sketch

Mood board

I chose to go with the classic black, white, grey, and red look. Black is a color of mystery and gives place for the darkness to keep all the secrets away from the daylight.
Red is the color of blood and gives us an idea of a murder. White and grey are used here to balance everything out.

The Book Design

For the design process I’ve used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Design

The scarf represents two Gestalt principles.The first one is Prägnanz where the way the scarf wraps around the neck makes us search for something familiar. The viewers will see number seven, because it is the simplest solution. Secondly we can see the law of proximity with all the clocks placed so close together and the viewer perceives them as a group.

I decided to go with a Baskerville URW font for both the title and for the name of the author. I used it because it is a clasic sans serif typeface.

The color pallet:
Is simple yet effective with conveying the message of a murder mystery book. The blacks, greys and whites work very well together and a pop of red gives  an interest in the book