GD2 task4


  • How did they adapt the format and aesthetics of the magazine for the modern reader?
    They did experemintation to adapt it to modern reader but tried to keep the history of it. The fromat was made bigger just like the one they had before in time. The cover was made more web friendly with bigger emphasis on the photography insted of typograpohy and text. And they changed their logo to be more cohesive with it’s flat design.
  • Why, do you think, was there a need to do that?
    They made changes to the magazine because they wanted it to be something that you keep. They publish now monthly and their subscribers are the ones that are the biggest reader demographic. Plus they needed to make the design web friendly.
  • And lastly, a more philosophical question: Do you think print media is dead? Is there a future for printed magazines and newspapers? How do we need to change our approach as creators of these mediums to ensure their survival? Here you can include some notes from the video as Joe Hutchinson discusses this topic throughout his talk.
    I personaly don’t think that the print media is completly dead. I actually think that soon we will get to the peak of screen usage and will start going back to the print media. Our eyes need diversity and since most of us modern people are working 8 hours a day in front of the screen, we really need diversity.