3.1. Lesson task – An introduction to infographic design

What you need to do Go on a quest to find an existing infographic in a language you don’t understand. See how it successfully communicates the topic visually. So, without reading the text, you’ll understand in broad terms what it is about. Post the infographic on your blog and write one or two sentences explaining […]

1.2. Lesson task – Flash

Part 1  Have a close look at your camera. Does it have a pop-up flash? yes  Locate the button used to raise it, as in manual exposure mode; you’ll need to do so. Have a look at the small size of the flash. Your pop-up flash is set to TTL by default. See if it […]

Photography 2 1.1. Lesson task – Lenses and other optical accessories

CANON EOS 90D DSLR camera + 18-55 IS STM  Part 1  Have a good look at your lenses.  What lenses do you have for your camera? I have a Canon 18/55mm   Are they fixed/prime or zoom lenses?Zoom lens.   What focal length do they have?18/55mm.   What is their maximum aperture?The maximum aperture of […]

2.3. Lesson task – Information Architecture

For this lesson task, take a look at this website. Step 1 Go through the content on the website and conduct a content audit. List all the information and elements included in the website on a spreadsheet (like Google Sheets). Step 2 Now, plan the information architecture using the card sorting technique. You can conduct a […]

2.2. Lesson task – Accessibility in User Interface design

Have a look at the design below:    Consider the following:  Do you think it is accessible to users with eyesight trouble? Would they be able to read the text comfortably?No. The contrast between the text and the background is too small. They would not be able to read the text comfortably.   What do […]

2.1. Lesson task – Defining User Interface design

Have a look at https://dequeuniversity.com/library/responsive/1-non-responsive Analyse the product and think about it critically. What is problematic about it? How would you change it from a visual perspective (look and feel) to a human perspective (needs and wants)? Your changes might be as small as a color change or more extensive, like decreasing the number of animations […]

Screen based design 1 task-4

Surf the web and find one good example of a website that uses hierarchy to guide the viewer’s eye on the homepage.  Explain how visual hierarchy was achieved (scale, color, spacing or contrast) and mention the viewers pattern if there is one. Visual hierarchy on the Apple website is achieved through a combination of scale, […]

Screen based design 1 task-3

Syam Kraw (Thai Kitchen)   What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website? Consider their income, interests, gender, and age.Middle class couples, aged between 30-50, interests are sports, and their income is average for Thailand 1000 dollars a month.   Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them? What can […]

Screen based design 1 task-2

Surf the web and pick three websites to work from: A non-profit organization (for example a charity that cares for the homeless)   A retailer (for example a clothes or flower shop) A service provider (for example a hairdresser, accountant, or builder)  Answer the following questions for each of the three websites: 1. https://www.savethechildren.org/  What […]

Screen based design 1 task-1

Question 1 Think about your personal experience as a web user and answer the following questions: Ana A.: If you search for a particular company and you cannot find a website for them, how does this shape your opinion of the company?If I am unable to find a website for a particular company, it might […]

GD2 task4

How did they adapt the format and aesthetics of the magazine for the modern reader?They did experemintation to adapt it to modern reader but tried to keep the history of it. The fromat was made bigger just like the one they had before in time. The cover was made more web friendly with bigger emphasis on […]

GD2 task 3

Column with:Margin size top: 1,7cmBottom: 2.3cmLeft:2cmRight:2cm Is your document based on a two-column, three-column, or another type of grid?It is based on a one column script and two column script. Which elements stay the same on each page, and which change?Only the bottom margin changes and the rest stay the same. The layout changes on […]

Graphic Design 2 task1

Part 1 Why is this successful? I think this book cover is succesfull because it has a good distribution between separate elemnts. The vewer is guided easily thrue the information. The illustration is clean and minimalistic. There is consistency in the usage of the same typeface. The re is a good amount of white space […]

Photography, task 2

During the journey around the camera’s buttons and settings, did you come across something that works differently or that we did not cover? Dive into the user manual or do research online and publish your findings on your blog. (1 hour)  It was remarkably interesting watching a youtube tutorial on how to use my camera and […]

Photography 1 M1 task1

Part 1    Was the process efficient? Not very efficient, 15 minutes exposure time and a very lengthy process of developing the photo.  Was it safe? Not necessarily safe, because of iodide vapors, chemical treatments, mercury vapors and chloride.  What about the quality? The quality was quite good.  What caused it to stop being used? Negative positive process making it […]

Lesson task 2.4.

Generate ideas for the Fra Gård logo by using any of the Idea Generating Methods. You can type it out, draw it on a tablet or scribble it out on paper. Include this ideation process in your report. Use your ideas generated to sketch ideas for Fra Gård logo. It can be done on a paper or digitally. […]

Strategic design task 4

What makes Fra Gård unique?  They are the only shop located in the city center that sells fresh produce from the area, freshly baked goods, and local artists’ handiwork.  What makes them different from their competitors?  The fact that they are a family-owned business as well as everything mentioned in the answer on the question above.   […]

Strategic design task 3

1. Who are their current customers (according to the brief)? Their current customers are locals and tourists.  2. Who do they want to be their customers in the future? They want to attract tourists worldwide, people from the city an young creative people.   3. How do they want to connect with those specific people (current and potential customers)? They want to be able to connect […]

Strategic design 1 task1

Fra Gård  1. Goals:  – to modernize the shop  – to have a unique logo which will help attract passing customers to their shop  -logo to brand some of their products  – identity for the shop is a growing need to create a presence for the shop online  -use social media to attract tourists worldwide to visit […]

 Fruit juice photo manipulation effect

It has been one super stressed week. I have been working on a couple of projects with two deadlines besides the school and being sick. So I really tried to do my best to get everything done and somehow I managed it. I really hope next week is gonna be a bit more relaxing! 🙂 […]

Task 3.3

Adobe Color Essential Training The first part of this task was to take the Adobe Color course on LinkeIn learing platform. I enyojed in it quite a lot and even though I’ve previously used it I still managed to leadn some new tricks. After that we where asked to make two color palets using the […]

3.2. Illustrator

Overlaping letters 2. 3D text design 3.  Apply textures to text

Module assignment 02

Idea generation was the first part of the module assignment for this week. I chose to use Mind map and Morphological analysis for generating new ideas about the book cover. Then I sketch a few ideas and shared only top three of them on the Discussion Forum on Moodle. The first design is ment to show […]

Sketching with Word Staks and Celtic Cross

The task was to make word stacks with verbs, sdjectives and nauns and open them up and sketch whatever we opened. 2. We had a task to make a celtic cross and color it but since it took me 5 minutes to do that I found a bit more advanced cross online and made that […]

Course on Creativity  

I took the video course: Creativity: Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity and Quality by Stefan Mumaw on LinkedIn Learning and it was a lot of fun. I have done all of the tasks and it really inspired me and gave me a new understanding on how limited time and resorces can be a good thing.

Basics in illustrator

Today we have been learning about creativity and idea generation. Afterwards we had two tutorials about basic shapes in illustrator and had to generate an abstract face out of the shapes we made. It was super easy and now I am gonna go onto the next chapter. 🙂

Tasks in Adobe Illustrator

I loved doing these tasks. The first one was giving me a bit harder time because I forgot to group the circle before distorting and transforming it. So I was getting some funky results probably 6 times before I understood what I did. I guess it really can happen to anyone. 😀 But the Mobious […]

Module assignment 01

For this module assignment I needed to create a visual interpretation of the number 7 using any three (or more) Gestalt principles. I am not very good at drawing so I am trying to get better at it by practicing it more. 🙂

Animal human portrait

Our second task was following a tutorial and making an animal human portrait. I was a bit frustraiting following him doing stuff because he was talking about the commands that he uses oh his mac and I use windows so I got confused a couple of times and had to go back and troubleshoot on […]

Elements of line, shape, form, texture and balance

Today I learnt more about fundamentals of graphic design. I lisend to a couple of interesting people that further inspired me to get better with my skills. I am starting to get a better understanding of photoshop and it is feeling easier to use it. I am really enjoying in the process. 🙂

Neon Light Effect Photoshop

After working for some hours with troubleshooting what I was doing wrong at the start, now it all just clicked. I think the result looks decent and I will most likely practice with one more picture today so that I feel confident in these newfound skills. But I enjoyed every part of the process of […]

Empathy task

 Empathy has made an advert effective in reaching the correct audience in these two examples: This poster really puts things into perspective. When one child is holding a gun that is legal and the other one kinder egg that is banned, it realy makes you think. The designers has put themselves into the feet of […]

Simple composite in Photoshop

It is the start of week nr 2. and I am so happy to be sitting in front of a desk after a long weekend with two not so happy kids. Lets just say I am very gratefull for the ladies and gentlmen working in the kidergarten. 🙂 I`ve listend to a couple of lectures […]

Illustration of how i see Moodel

“Finding stillness amid confusion. ”, would probably be the best metaphor to describe my illustration. To be quite honest, it was a bit overwhelming being in contact with a new learning platform called moodel. It seemed quite hectic at first but, after two days and some hours trying to navigate it, I got a hang […]

The self-portrait

Hey, I am a 24 year old mum of Luna and Theo living my dream life in Tønsberg-Norway. The past two and a half years I have been working as a graphic designer for a small digital agency. I am very passionate about my job, but I am self-thought and have an urge to further develop […]